Did you know that a staggering 66% of women in Singapore between the ages of 20 to 45 suffer from sensitive skin?

As the body’s largest organ, your skin needs special care and assistance to protect your body from external irritants or harmful elements. Healthy skin has a layer that protects from external factors called the Stratum Corneum. The Stratum Corneum is only 0.02mm thick so it is easily broken. With a broken barrier, skin loses moisture easily and becomes itchy.

With daily skin care, you can however strengthen skin barrier function. Prevention by daily skin care is much easier than fixing issues. Co-developer of SunoHada, Dermatologist Dr. Mihoko Yokoyama, who has helped over 400,000 patients in her practice says

People tend to react to sensitive skin only when a flare-up happens, resorting to medication. However, managing sensitive skin must be a daily habit, and this is where lifestyle and skincare come in.

With the prevalence of “derma care” products marketed to spot relieve conditions, she has learned firsthand the need for a different approach, one focused on improving quality of life with the ease of a daily sensitive skincare regimen.

The right sensitive skin care is necessary to achieve healthier, smoother skin that is itch free and comfortable.

Do you wash too often? Do you moisturize your skin well? Dr. Yokoyama also asks her patients about their skincare, since an inappropriate skincare can sometimes be a main cause of not relieving their dry and itchy skin. They cannot relieve dryness and itch, especially when away from home and do not use enough moisturizer. They’re not sure the product they use is effective, plus they don’t use enough moisturizer because it feels sticky.

For proper care, Dr. Yokoyama recommends that daily skin care should be a simple yet effective routine that soothes and moisturizes skin throughout the day. Having a cleanser and lotion that you can use easily and comfortably is key to maintaining your daily skincare routine. Plus relieving dryness and itchiness even on-the-go is important not to break skin barrier by itch-scratch cycle.

Tips for daily skincare
  • Cleanse gently using a wash for
    sensitive skin
  • Moisturize sufficiently after the shower
  • Moisturize even on-the-go if you feel dryness or itchy



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