When you’re traveling, your skin care routine may not exactly be at the top of your to-do list. But, you don’t want a vacation to be the thing that knocks you off your game or results in a breakout, sunburn, or flare-up. That’s why it’s important to keep your skin care routine intact while traveling so as to keep your skin as healthy as possible while you’re in the air or on the road.

Here are our top tips for maintaining skin health while you’re traveling.

  1. Stick to your sensitive skin care routine

    As a rule of thumb, it is important to keep your daily skincare regime to curtail any unwanted breakouts. Hence, it is recommended to always take your own sensitive skincare along. Hotel toiletries can be so tempting but it may not be suitable for your sensitive skin.

    Bring along your usual sensitive skincare so as not to cause skin irritation by trying hotel toiletries
    If you try hotel toiletries, try a very little amount on your skin first and check if it causes any irritation or not. 

  2. Stay on top of frequent dry skin care

    Travel can preset many situations which can cause dryness. The humidity in airplane cabins is usually less than 20% and sometimes 10%, same as the humidity in the desert. Hotel rooms also tend to dry out skin due to 24hr air conditioning.

    Stay hydrated by drinking lots of water. 
    Moisturize your skin sufficiently to prevent dryness and itch with SunoHada Lotion at hotel or SunoHada Mist on-the-go.

  3. Ensure UV Protection 

    As you enjoy longer periods outdoors sightseeing, on the beach and so on, your skin endures greater sun exposure.

    Frequent and thorough sunscreen application is essential on top of wearing a hat and sunglasses to protect from UV rays.
    Cleanse sunscreen gently with SunoHada Wash.

    Cool down flushed skin and moisturize sufficiently if your skin is prone to sunburn. 

  4. Be mindful of diet and sleep

    Holiday time means opportunities to enjoy a refreshing break away, local fare and late nights. Such changes in eating and sleeping habits, adversely affect the skin barrier function. For example, consuming lipid-rich foods or foods that contain a lot of caffeine or spices, lead to excessive secretion of sebum, resulting in rough skin and acne. Also, turnover of healthy skin becomes active during sleep, and lack of sleep leads to insufficient secretion of growth hormone.

    Avoid lack of sleeping hours and foods which ca be a stimuli to your skin.
    Aid repair of weakened skin barrier with effective sensitive skincare. 

  5. Watch out for the difference between soft and hard water

    Tap water in Singapore is ‘soft water’. However, the tap water in Europe is ‘hard water’ which contains a lot of minerals such as magnesium and calcium. These compounds tend to remain on the skin and hair after contact like showering with hard water, causing itch or skin troubles like dryness or itch.


    ✓ Wash with a gentle cleanser for sensitive skin and rinse off well
    Moisturize sufficiently after showering to prevent skin irritation




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