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Eczema causes my child to have dry skin which is prone to irritation. When infection occurs, the skin may form a layer of yellowed crust, or pimple-like bumps. What can help?

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When you see the skin forms a layer of yellowed crust or pimple-like-bumps, your child might have a skin infection, called Impetigo, which is common among children. Impetigo is caused by a bacteria and children can be more likely to develop it  when their skin is already irritated by another problem, such as scratches due to eczema.


To relieve the symptoms, it is important to clean the areas where symptoms occur without rubbing using a gentle wash designed for sensitive skin.


Please wash your child’s hands and fingers, especially fingernails thoroughly, as it can spread the infection if the bacteria remains there. Also, please avoid applying a moisturizer with your hands or using any tools as infection may spread after washing until the symptoms are cured.

Children with weak skin barriers are vulnerable to these bacterial infections. Particularly as baby’s stratum corneum is only half as thick as an adults. The amount of sebum they secrete is also only one third that of an adults. Since their skin’s ability to retain water is low, moisture easily evaporates. Plus, babies have a high metabolism, and sweat easily. This causes itchiness, which they can’t help but scratch, making it even worse.


Therefore, in order to prevent such skin troubles, it is important to keep the skin clean and moisturize after washing to maintain the healthy skin barrier function.

Maintaining a healthy skin barrier function with an appropriate skincare in infancy can prevent dry sensitive skin or atopic skin in the future when they  grow up. So please clean and moisturize your child’s skin every day using a cleanser and moisturizer which is designed delicate baby’s skin.

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