SunoHada Baby Gentle Wash

My little one tends to get red patches after bath. I noticed that no more red patches after using SunoHada baby gentle wash. Totally recommend!

SunoHada Baby Gentle Lotion

Baby Lovia’s skin is sensitive since born. These ingredients include no alcohol, frangrance, colourant, preservatives or any other harmful chemicals. After using SunoHada products consecutively for 4 days, I noticed….the skin is well- hydrated, moisturize and relieve dryness and itch. Most important, the lotion is non-sticky and easily absorbed.

SunoHada Soothing Lotion

Loved that the lotion was not greasy and sticky even after applying a generous amount! Skin felt soft and smooth after the whole night. Texture was not too thick and no fragrance was detected. Great for sensitive skin in my opinion.

SunoHada Gentle Smooth Wash

This wash is fantastic. It lathers, cleanses and rinses so well. My skin doesn’t feel dry after using it.

SunoHada Gentle Clean Wash

Very gentle and moisturizing on the skin. I like that it didn’t have a fragrance.