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Established in 1891, LION has been dedicated to improving quality of life by helping consumers develop better lifestyle habits. One of the leading manufacturers of consumer goods, we are expanding our commitment to serve with the new SunoHada range of daily skincare products for sensitive skin. With SunoHada, we continue to make a difference in people’s lives by redesigning their daily skincare habits: making it easier for them to manage their sensitive skin every day.

Developed with a Dermatologist who understands



Certified Specialist of the Japanese Dermatological Association
Director of YOKOYAMA Skin Clinic
Co-developed of SunoHada

Daily skincare is a must for healthier skin.

People tend to react to sensitive skin only when a flare-up happens, resorting to medication. However, managing sensitive skin has to be a daily habit, and this is where lifestyle and skin care come in.

Most of my patients find it hard to maintain daily skin care since they cannot find a product that suits them. With daily use of SunoHada Sensitive Skin Care, relieve dryness and itch all day, every day.

Dr Yokoyama’s Thoughts on Sensitive Skin

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7 MAY 2022

SunoHada sponsors the virtual National Skin Centre Public Forum to learn about skin tips in the midst of COVID. For details and registration, please click here.

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